Your Open Water Scuba Instructor card is the ticket to travel the world. However, to be able to teach more courses gives you better variety in your career.

The PADI Specialty Instructor Courses & our Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Program will help you to secure more job opportunities.
With your Specialty Instructor ratings, you can take your students on new adventures and inspire them to do more.
Practical training dives can be done over 2 to 3 days, depending on how many and which Specialties you choose. Specialty Instructor Courses are conducted at the end of our IDC’s – either before or after the IE.

Once you have 5 PADI Specialty Instructor ratings, all you need is to certify 25 or more students to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT).

What’s involved

When you arrive you will meet our course director, most likely you will have already chosen the specs that you want to b able to teach by the time you get here.
Whilst you’re with us you will be welcomed into a very big and friendly dive company where you can talk to and socialise with all the other instructors, many of whom are MSDTs and they will be able to offer advice and opinions on how to improve and take that next step in your career that you are aiming for.


2 – 3 days

Starting dates


Total Price

20.000 THB

All prices do not include 7% VAT.

What’s included

• 5 Specialties
• PADI MSDT Application Fee


Be a renewed PADI Assistant Instructor or higher (certified/upgraded since 1995), or have completed an IDC/OWSI Program within the past 12 months.
Have made at least 10 dives in the particular specialty area prior to submitting a Specialty Instructor Application to PADI. (These dives may be completed before, during or after attending the Specialty Instructor Training Course)

To become an Enriched Air Specialty Instructor
The instructor must submit proof of PADI Enriched Air Diver certification or a qualifying certification from another training organization.

To enroll in a PADI TEC Gas Blender Instructor (Enriched Air) Training Course
Be a renewed PADI Open Water Instructor or higher
Be a PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty Instructor
Be a DSAT Gas Blender

To apply for the Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating
Be a renewed PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
Be certified as a PADI Specialty Instructor for five or more specialty ratings
Have issued at least 25 PADI certifications.